options trading iq Ed's Amazing Liquid Light Art is materialised with the use of a unique printing method: HDFinish.
HDFinish is the latest and most advanced printing technology for digital photos.

Materials The pieces are printed on either ‘White Gloss’ or ‘Clear Gloss’, depending on the intended experience. Clear Gloss provides a changeable catchlight, dependent on the subject’s angle. Hereby an extra dimension is added to the experience. White Gloss gives the artwork a more stable catchlight, making it fit on every wall, under all conditions.


Durability Ed’s Amazing Liquid Light Art printed on HDFinish is a 100% water- and bleechresistant artwork, which is very difficult to scratch. HDFinish is probably the most durable solution for printed art. Tests by two independent labs have shown that it is 4 times more durable than archival photo print. The technology simply doesn’t exist long enough to know its full durability.


Pregabalin to buy uk The result of the HDFinish technology goes far beyond established technologies like Plexiglass (which erodes) or Liquid Gloss (which yellows within a couple of years). The HDFinish technology has a closed circuit, meaning that no air or water can ever affect the artwork.[uid]=608 HDFinish delivers the best color intensity, depth and contrast.



تداول الخيارات الثنائية مع الاتجاه Below you will find the pieces that are available for purchase. Each will be printed a limited number of times, usually no more than 3 editions of the same image will be made.
It is also possible to create a custom (exclusive) piece made by your specifications.

see The images have a ratio of 3:2 and can be printed at any desired size up to a maximum of 170x113 centimeters. A crop at a different ratio (square, widescreen, etc) is also possible. All can be printed on either White Gloss or Clear Gloss.

rencontres femmes 44 Each piece is priced based on the desired dimensions. Some examples (excluding transport):
90 x 60 - ‎€ 350
120 x 80 - ‎€ 650
165 x 110 - ‎€ 1000

Binary options is it gambling games With each print you will receive a certificate of authenticity, stating the number of the piece and the guarantee that no more than the indicated number will be manufactured.

source Contact us to discuss the possibilities.



why you shouldn't use online dating Available editions: 2/3



Available editions: 3/3


Yellow & Green

Available editions: 3/3



Available editions: 3/3



Available editions: 2/3


The Island

Available editions: 2/3



Available editions: 3/3



Available editions: 3/3



Available editions: 3/3