Artists info ARTISTS Edward Rink (light doctor) and Jeroen Bouma (Bouma Productions) joined forces to form an artistic duo, producing liquid light art. Edward creates the raw compositions with intuitively constellated colour-sketches. Jeroen puts in his knowledge, experience and skills as a photographer.   


Edward Rink

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Edward Rink (Huizen, Netherlands, 1985) was born and raised in a small fisherman’s village in the centre of the Netherlands. Currently he lives in Amsterdam South-East. Having always been fascinated by 60’s and 70’s progressive rock music, he developed a progressive love for its contemporary music-scene.

Besides that, his psychology studies introduced him to the theories of Jung, which stresses unconscious archetypal patterns governing every movement in our collective and individual lives. These archetypes manifest themselves in visual representations when the very basic laws of nature are lit up.


Jeroen Bouma


Jeroen Bouma (Eemnes, Netherlands 1983) has always had a fascination for technology and computers in particular. After studying computer sciences he became a software engineer, developing all sorts of systems and (iOS) applications.

During his lifetime he discovered his love for the arts; music and visual. He started shooting photographs and videos as a hobby, and thus Bouma Productions was born. After several personal projects, a new challenge came on his path, and finally all his experience with computers, cameras and physics turned out very useful in the process of digitizing Ed’s liquid light art.