Liquid Light info


In the early 21st century Ed got acquainted with the art of liquid light, while trying to simulate a lavalamp. More than ten years of experimenting with fluids, colourings and movements lead to today’s Ed’s Amazing Liquid Light Misoprostol cheap online Shows, Video’s and Paintings.
Many laws of physics seem to escape from our awareness, unless you shine a light on them, colour them and zoom in on them. And that is what this project is aiming to do. To name a couple of these laws: Light refraction; (Dispersive) prisms; Fluids statics (gravity on still water and oil); Fluid dynamics (pressure on non-mixing water and oil); Additive and subtractive colour mixing; oscillation visualisations. In this way the project does not just copy the laws of physics, it displays them in such a manner that more familiar patterns – such as cosmological displays; underwater sensations; moving cloud parties; etc – can be recognised.


Liquid Light Shows and Video’s

What the viewer of a Liquid Light Show (live) or Video (montaged) will experience is a spectacular 3-dimensional complex of an enormous amount of bright colours, slowly and rapidly emerging, mixing and fading in and out of focus in bubbly, round and swirly shapes.
The result could be described as a colourful living Rorschach test (you see what you want to see) in overwhelming proportions, which tends to be astonishing, trippy, psychologically challenging and even hypnotising. Looking at the art, one will recognise more familiar representations of the laws of physics, such as cloud parties, smoke plumes, micro-biological (cell-like structures) and cosmological displays.
The aim of the project is to bring about a discussion on the uncovered laws of physics behind the displayed story of light, fluid and colours, as well to gain insight into the collective unconscious.

Liquid Light Paintings

The liquid light Paintings solely give insight to the laws of (fluid-, light-, and colour-) statics, because movement is taking out of the equation. What the static liquid light art does add, is a far higher quality of the representation. Hereby, and by omitting movement, a more deep and meaningful insight into your own unconscious is imposed, in similar but a more layered manner as a classic Rohrsachtest. Also the static nature of the art form, makes it possible to grasp the most interesting and meaningful moment in time.
Additively to the art of Liquid Light Shows and Video’s, the Stills and Paintings give rise to more familiar patterns such as topographical sights; fractured rainbows; sun shining through; mountain-like structures; water-ripples and waves; and liquid and fractal explosions or splashes.